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tree  Your Personal IT Department

PC problem triage, software recovery, data backup, virus and hacker protection, equipment and software purchase advice. If we can't fix it, we find someone who can.

tree Database Designs for Collections, Addresses, Catalogs

Track contacts, memberships, libraries, collections, mailing lists -- simple or complex. We help organize your data, set up entry screens, search and print, and make catalogs, form letters or brochures. Learn as much or as little about the process as you like.

tree Web-ready Photos & Artwork

Digitize artwork, photo prints, clippings. Enhance visual impact of images and experiment with artistic variations. Create a logo for your stationery, brochures, ads, web site or gift boutique. Store your photos or documents on line to share with family, colleagues, clients, or the public. Put a slide show on your web site.  photo art example

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